Another Bird Day

As going through my pictures, I saw these photos I took last month. It was another bird day!

It was a cloudy day and very smoky. I went out to walk my dog Roxie, On the way to a creek, I saw hundreds of birds sitting on the power line and singing. The power lines are besides a corn field which were ready for harvest. The field was full of corns.

Sometimes we could see a few deer walking on the field and looking to find something delicious to eat. Normally bears would come before the corn were harvested. They would hide themselves in the corn field day and night, to feed their stomach with lot of corns and to keep them alive for the cold winter.

I guess it must a good place for birds to stay, lot of food. They did not have to work hard to feed themselves. I ran back home, brought my camera, took a few pictures of birds sitting on the lines.


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