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About Me

My name is YingJun Li. the photographer and the website designer. I have an academic background in electronics engineering and a love for all kinds of arts and crafts.

Photography has been one of my interests for many years. Some of my photos were taken around the area where i live, and the others taken when I was on the go. Living in beautiful British Columbia is a great privilege as I am surrounded by the splendor of nature. A long walk with my camera is a great way to spend my day. The camera becomes my close buddy that companies me through good times and bad times.

The passion I have for photography continues to grow over time. I take photos based on my intuition for balance and my passion to give perspective. My objective on the website is to showcase the beauty of nature through my eyes.

I fascinate what people can do with beautiful images in many creative ways. I have shared some of my photo artworks here, and more will be coming alone the time.

It is sort of a big vision of having more than one hobby. I am also a very active knitter and crochetier. Click here, you will find my beautiful needlework. It is  my pleasure to share my hobbies with people. I hope you enjoy them as I enjoy making them. Thank you!

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